Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dan's Khakis

This morning's workout was good. My biceps were burning hot after the standing curls and hammer curls today. Dan gave me a pair of Gap khakis - he said that they're a 35" waist, but they fit like a 36". We'll see...

Sometimes I get this feeling, like I have right now, where I don't even want to try them on. Fear of failure? Performance anxiety? I guess so.

Hang on.

lol - I just stopped writing to go try them on.

They don't fit.

Now? I actually feel better. Even though they didn't fit, I'm in control of that situation, not the pair of khakis. Sometimes? You just have to try and fail, as there's more honor in that than in not trying at all.

Guess I'll go lose 10 more pounds and try again.


fatty McButter Pants said...

I tried on pair of pants that didn't fit me either this morning. That's exactly what I said after, no prob, just another 10 lbs. I can do can you

Rebecca said...

I guess this must be pants trying on week! I tried on an old pair of jeans. I was delighted when they fitted, albeit a little snug.

Then I remembered another pair I used to wear around the same time. I pulled those out and they didn't even get passed my quads!

Bleh...I think I will have to try those in 20lbs!

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