Monday, March 23, 2009

Back in the Habit

Well, the bronchitis is pretty much history. I'm still taking the meds they gave me - traditionally I'm one of those people who stops with the medicine once I'm feeling better, which inevitably leads to a relapse, blah blah blah. I decided that as I've lost the better part of the last two weeks and pretty much flushed away March in a coughing fit, it's time to be smart and not lose any more.

Speaking of flushing away another month... seriously. Now granted, I was sick, but still. It's one of those things where I'm stacking bad onto worse. Feb sucked for losing with a whopping six pounds, and now March is shaping up to be a total shit month too.

My one saving grace in all this is that I didn't gain. I'm not faced with the discouraging, disappointing and dehabilitating reality that I have to re-lose weight I'd previously dropped. Nope - I kept those wolves at bay by not losing too much focus on the diet.

I hit the gym this morning and did eliptical for 20, then shoulder presses and shoulder shrugs. My cardio, while never great, wasn't too far off. I did 20 minutes at lvl 12, whcih is where I was prior to the sickness. I didn't check my total miles (I should be getting 2.0), so I don't know exactly how hard I was running, but I think I aquitted myself fairly well there. Then when lifting weights I found that I lost muscle endurance. My strength is still good - the first sets of 15 reps for both exercises were there. But the last reps of the last sets... oof. I was out of juice. All in all, not so terrible.


ps - I was glad to be back at the gym today. I've missed it terribly, but didn't really realize it until today. That gym apathy can sneak up on you! Be vigilant and don't surrender!


Carlos said...

hey hey! on the mend and back at it... good for you

South Beach Steve said...

I am glad to hear your bronchitis is finally gone. I finally went to the doc today. She chastised me for not coming sooner, so I probably have a good 3-4 days of it left.

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