Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Training, in a Way

What's up my fatty peeps? I'm just getting back from the gym - second time today. I was just in a mood I guess, but damn... I'm just done with it, you know? Done being fat. The sun is shining, the air is warming, and dammit I just want to be out there, enjoying life. So I did another 20 on the eliptical and 10 on the stationary bike.

In other news, I was at a gaming event this past weekend. The game I play is called Warhammer, and a couple times a year a bunch of 20, 30 and 40-somethings go to different tournaments and throw dice while pushing miniature soldiers around the game board. Great stuff, I love it.

The thing is, the guys there... I'd guesstimate that ~70% of the guys are at least overweight, and an abnormally large percentage are morbidly obese. It's sad to see man. I spent a lot of time looking around, just wondering what each guy's story was. Because they're probably the butt of jokes to lots of people in their regular lives (like I'm sure I was/am), but something in their lives has brought them to this place. This prison of a body that they themselves have constructed. And it made me sad. But I can't help them - they've got to help themselves. Because just like me, they got themselves into their prison - and we each have to get ourselves out alone. We've all got to tap into our own inner strength, focus on what we *really* want, and then go get it.


MizFIt said...

nothing to add as youve already said it so powerfully. your final sentence is what I truly believe as well. we can lean on others to help us get where we want to go---but all the answers and strength really waits within us.

Dina said...


And I work with a bunch of people that love that game :)

Farsy said...

I love Warhammer, and Magic, and D&D. I've not gotten the chance to go to a convention before, someday.

For now, since I know no one in the area to game with really, and there's no local stores nearby to network with, I'm having to resort to Warhammer online. Not quite the same but you do what you gotta right? :P

Jimmy said...

Just a follower of this blog and congrats on the weight loss so far and keep on going!

Did you go to Adepticon this past weekend? Heard that's definitely a good event to do for hardcore Warhammer/40k fans. What armies do you play?

I definitely understand your comments about the number of overweight folks at the various Cons. I've seen my share at Origins, GenCon, and the Historical ones out east. Lots of excuses and not enough action. Unlike you who has taken your destiny in your own hands!

Outstanding reps for the commitment!

mcc394 said...

so true, so true. people have to make the decision for themselves.

And Im another Warhammer junky. playing the MMO now. But used to play the crap out of the table top game. 40k mostly, played orks. lots and lots of fun.

Carlos said...

never heard of that game. but hear you about wanting to be thin already fat is so last season!

Roder said...

@Farsy Check out the Alamo in San Antonio - it's got a rep as a pretty good tourney.

@Jimmy Yep, I did Adepticon and played fantasy in the Escalation, Championships and Doubles tournament. I play an all forest-spirit Wood Elf list, though it's time to change as that thing can't handle daemons. My partner and I took Best Sportsmen in the doubles.

@mcc394 I had a Witch Hunter army for 40k, but didn't go too far with it. I technically own the MMO, but bought it for the art book and the collectors mini that came with it. Shit - I'm a total nerd...

Jimmy said...

Yeah, I heard that about the Deamon armies being on the uber-scale of things in both 40k/Fantasy. Kudos on the tournament prizes especially at a national level tournment.

I usually play Warmachine/Hordes with a smattering of AT-43, BFG, and BSG miniatures game thrown in there. But, mainly I am a painter first and player second...nothing wrong with geeking out. Definitely relaxing after a long day of work. :)

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