Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Week Comes to a Close

Just a quickie as I've got some work to get to and I'd like to be done early so I can leave work early today.

Quick follow-up to yesterday's bizarre Steroid Pimp -- my buddy Dan went into the locker room and two of the regulars were there with funny looks on their faces. Dan asked them if the Guy had approached them, pushing steroids and whatnot. Yep! Not only that, but dude told these two that, and I love this... That he is a warlock, and can guarantee his product works. I'm not entirely sure what Lord Voldemort is doing at the LA Fitness in the Midway area of Saint Paul, Minnesota, but more power to him. Though he really should conjure a front tooth if he's going to be the face man for underground illegal steroid sales. Just a thought here, Mr. Wizard...

In other news, I'm up 0.3 of a pound this morning. Probably should have taken a poop before I weighed in.



Monica said...

Wow. Just wow all over the place.

Fat[free]Me said...

Hrmph - hope he got the heave-ho!

Shame about the pound, but you know it will be a good loss next week to make up for it!

mcc394 said...

again,making me laugh out loud. thankyou.

Carlos said...

way to kick ass sweathog!

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