Monday, April 06, 2009

Back home

Hey all, I'm back from Chicago, and more importantly I'm just recently back from the gym.

The weekend was great. My waistline suffered some, though not much. Luckily the convention hall where my events took place had free water and were selling apples and the like during the day. I had myself about four apples over the weekend, and some water (though not enough). For my lunches, my roomie and I brought sandwich meat, veggies and soft shells, and we made lunch wraps. So good! And what a cost savings when compared to hotel prices.

Dinner was more of a mixed bag. Thursday night we went out and I had an amazing peppercorn tuna steak - the fish was so soft, it was like sashimi. I also had some fried calamari. Then I started drinking - I had several rum and diets that night. Friday I did a Starbucks coffee/muffin for breakfast, wrap for lunch, apple snack, and we had... hmm... we had something for dinner. Oh! I had a 6" sub and 6 potstickers. Saturday morning I did Starbucks again, wrap, apple, beer beer beer, chips (uh oh...), then was hungry for a dinner dinner, so we went to the bar and I had a big burger. Yum. And fries. And chips. And more drinks. Yikes!

Sunday I did Starbucks, beer, beer, Chinese for lunch, a Greek pizza and cheese sticks for dinner, a late nite coffee, a Mountain Dew Amp, a scone, a choco-taco, 3 sodas and several mini bags of chips. The drive killed me, obviously.

I'm up 3.5 pounds since Thursday morning. Oh well... I'd be willing to bet that 2.5 is water, and I'll get the last one gone this week. But I had a great time, so it was totally worth it.



Tricia said...

Glad you had fun! Welcome home :)

Ripx180 said...

Sounds like a good time but welcome back to the grind. 3.5 lbs isnt bad at all given all the yummy stuff you got to eat. I am sure you will drop it off as fast as you gained it. I had some fried calamari this weekend too (opps). ;)

SeaShore said...

Vacation weight goes away quickly!

Tye said...

It sounds like alot of fun! It won't take you long to loose those 3 and a half lbs.! You've already been working out, good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

glad you had some fun on your trip

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