Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Things

This morning I weighed in at 254.2 - a new low for me. I believe that I can attribute this success to two things: diet and exercise.

I've been tracking my calories using the LoseIt! application on my iPhone. It's a very handy and slick application, but I think that there may be a flaw. You see, I entered all my relevant data and it said that if I'm to lose two pounds a week, I need to be eating 2087 calories daily. However, any calories burned via exercise is then added to that total. So if I burn out 500 calories on the elliptical, that allows me 2587 calories to eat for the day.

I think that this caloric add-back may actually be bullshit.

I've been maintaining between 256 and 260 for roughly the last month using this system, but I've recently made the decision to forgo entering my exercise calories burned, instead just focusing only on eating 2087 for the whole day. It meant that last night I skipped having a beer after work, opting for water instead. I also only had one sloppy joe (made w/ lean turkey, not beef) and 1/4 of a potato. That's it. I also skipped desert. It got me in under my caloric goal for the evening, so that was good.

Also, I switched up my workout. I'd been doing roughly the same workout for six months, so the change (and it was a big one) has been a real boost. Though I won't lie - doing cardio for 45 minutes is both mind-numbing, and in the case of the stationary bike, ass numbing as well. However, the big thing is that I've been finding myself quite sore the next day since this new program, so I think it's doing some good things for me physically.

I think it's just about time to pull out those 35" waist closet pants I've got hanging in the back corner of my room, just to get a sense of where I'm at with that progress. I'm also adding another fitness component later this week. I'll get to that update on Friday, schedule permitting.



Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Changing up a workout and focusing on cardio is a great way to shake up the scale. The ass-tingling sensation goes away if you keep at it. After a week of everyday riding, I noticed I wasn't getting it anymore.

Completely agree about the calorie add-on. I've never been a believer of "well, I gotta eat cuz I'm supposed to eat 500 more calories." I find that notion pretty ridiculous.

And finally, give credit for the loss where it really deserves: being a part of the JSKAHAHAP Challenge. You KNOW that's what got you super-double-motivated! ;)

jo said...

Congrats on the loss! Good for you on shaking things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

hey you lost 5.3 lbs this month.That is something to be proud of..great job..keep tweaking your program to suit you..you are doing great

Carlos said...

way to go man! kicked ass

I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

It feels so go to break through a plateua or slowdown. Way to go!

Summer said...

Sweet! Great job. Keep rockin'. :)

Jenn said...

Congrats on the new low!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Congrats on the weight loss. I have noticed that since I need to start switching my workout. My body is getting use to it. Keep up the great work. It's paying off!

South Beach Steve said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I too am trying to get in those next smaller pants. Currently I can handle some 36s, but I would love to get in 34s!

The change up in your routine will probably do you good.

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