Monday, June 15, 2009

Ghetto Fab

I awoke Saturday morning and weighed in - 256.1. Almost back! Of course, since I was close, it was clearly time to eff it up, right? Ugh.

I was low on food supplies, and was facing the reality that payday is Monday morning. That meant that I was at the mercy of my Target gift cards - $40 to be exact. So The Gal and I went shopping and decided that it would be fun to have a White Trash Weekend for our dinner. As such, we had Kraft macaroni and cheese, Spaghetti-Os with sliced franks (so delicious!!!) and for desert, Jello. How trashy! But more importantly, how sodium-rich!

Then yesterday we decided to walk over to a pub for a spot of lunch and a beer. It was probably around half-a-mile, maybe a bit more. I wore my flip-flops, and wouldn't you know it, my pinkie toes developed some nice baby blisters by the time we arrived. Blargh. After lunch we ambled back, and this time I just went barefoot, looking to avoid making things worse. Unfortunately for me, I'm an idiot. Not only was barefoot walking rough on the soles of my apparently-coddled feet, but along the balls of BOTH feet I scored myself some nice heat blisters!

There I am, trying to soak them in the tub and clean the feet off, then propping them up on the ottoman while The Gal went to work with a pair of tweezers and a paper towel to wipe up the goop.

So very unsweet.

The rest of the night I alternated between walking as though I'd had my ass roughed up by some prison lifers, and doing my best to walk normally in a pair of sneakers while biting down to hide the pain from The Gal's folks when we went to dinner.

This morning at the gym I put the flip flops back on to take a shower, and yikes - not my best idea. Furthermore, my work shoes and their decidedly lacking padding have me hobbling about like an arthritic geriatric.

And yet, all in all, a great weekend was had. Well, until I stepped on the scale this morning.


We're done being white trash.

Oh, and fuck you sodium.


TJ said...

Oh how I loved spaghetti-o's! lol The good ole days! I hope your feel feel better soon! :(

TjRenee said...

That's what you get for wearing flip flops. Can't wait until those awful things go out of fashion again. Sorry, I'm being snobby today. hehehe

Hope the feet heal up soon.

And yeah, sodium sucks. Grrr!!

jessi said...

spaghetti-o's. love.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Wow, you know how to show a girl a good time.

Jenn said...

OMG that sounds just so painful! I got a blister on my heel at the gym one day that killed me for a week!!

screwdestiny said...

Dude, I so love Spaghetti-Os with franks. And meatballs! So very white trash and five-year-old, but I don't care. Well, if I'm not watching my diet I don't care.

antgirl said...

I never could handle flip flops with that thing between my toes.

What flavor Jell-o?

GadgetGirl said...

A little piece of advice:

When you get blisters on your feet, soak them in Epsom Salt and warm water as soon as you can. And maybe even do it several times. When I do this my blisters don't get sore.

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