Tuesday, June 09, 2009


According to my LoseIt! reporting (which for the first time I was perfect with yesterday), I achieved a 59 calorie deficit against my 2079 daily calorie budget. Yay! Now, I could be slightly off as I don't know *exactly* how many calories were in the spaghetti & meatballs (I assumed I ate 2 cups), nor in the chips/cheese I had as a snack, but I tracked everything and this is what I ended up with. I think even if I'm slightly off, the big thing is that I managed to track, and I wasn't way over.

Today I got to the gym earlier, but still a bit late. I went way up on my pulldowns, going from three sets of fifteen at 110 pounds to 140 pounds instead. Then I did the t-bar row and did three sets of fifteen at 70 pounds. Dan and I mixed in doing reverse situps (working the lower back instead of the abs), doing a set of 15 while the other guy did his set of t-bar. That *really* got the sweat going, which felt great. So, another day of working the back is now complete!

Yesterday I did do one big whoops... I noticed by about 3pm that I had a killer headache. Now, I don't normally *get* headaches, so something was clearly off. I thought about it, then realized that I'd only had a Diet Coke for caffeine in the morning. I was going through some serious withdrawal. On my way home, I stopped at a gas station and saw a can of Diet Coke. Then I saw a can of Mountain Dew. Then I saw a BOTTLE of Mountain Dew. Guess which one your brave hero purchased? Yeah... 340 calories worth of idiocy there, and another 200 in the form of a candy bar. Fuck me.

Anyway, that's the report from here today.

Oh, I did step on the scale this morning - 260.0 on the nuts. I do have to remember that this is prior to working out and not my normal weigh-in, so I'd normally clock in somwhere around 258 if I were still on my old weigh-in schedule. But I'm not. So I'm officially now stating that even though every weigh-in I've had on this blog for the past year is post-workout, going forward they won't be. That's okay. I know that I'm not up 5 pounds from my lowest, I'm only up 3, but at this point I'm just going to officially say 5 and work from there. It'll just be easier than the stupid mental recalibration.

So there you are. I'm doing well, I feel like I'm starting to regain control of my life as my apartment is being put back together, I'm spending lots more time with my favorite person (she had dinner ready and waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday - how cool is that?!?), and I'm hitting the gym regularly again, along with tracking and blogging. I think I'm back on track, but I must must MUST remain ever vigilant against the dreaded backslide.

Be well friends.



Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Next week marks two months since I had a Diet Coke (or soda of any kind). If you can get through those difficult first few days, it's smooth sailing. I haven't had a single urge for one since, and I was drinking 4 to 6 cans (or more) daily.

TjRenee said...

Like Jack, I'm off the caffeine too, but I do drink the caffeine free sodas. I hate teas and water just doesn't get me through the day. Kicking the caffeine was hard shit! I've been told numerous times I was quite the bitch during my withdrawal. Pffttt!!

Anyway, glad to read that your life is back on track and settling down. Your girl is cool to have dinner ready for you. Hope she got a big kiss for that! Heh.

Twice the Man said...

Welcome back on track!

antgirl said...

I somehow got down to one cup of coffee in the morning.

I haven't had a soda in years ....

Glad things are coming together for you.

Fat[free]Me said...

I still have several coffees in the morning - life without coffee is unimaginable to me still.

Well done on getting back on track - I like the sound of your favourite person!

South Beach Steve said...

It sounds like things are getting back to normal for you. Now, get back on program, stay away from those empty calories, and keep it up.

I think you are doing right by changing your weigh in. It will be more consistent.

Ron said...

Sounds like your doing good... keep it up!

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