Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Update

Dan the Workout Partner™ called me with great news the other night - he was down to a 34" waist. Even better, he had some 36" and 35" jeans to give to me! Yesterday at the gym he handed me a bag with three pair of jean in them. No lie, I raced home after the workout and tried the first pair on.

They are Gap brand, and they are straight-leg cut. I pulled the first pair of 36s on and up, and found them wanting... yikes. They also had a button-fly, and I just thought - eh, not yet. So I took them off.

When I got home later, I grabbed the lighter shaded pair with the zipper fly. Oh man! I don't know if they're 36 or 35s, but they're too tight on me! Holy hannah. So there's a third pair yet, but I'm not too sure I'm ready for the rejection letter that they're going to hand me. Bottom line? Straight-leg Gap 36s are not Loose-Cut Lucky Brand. And? I have some work to do.

Good thing I've got a solid work ethic. :)



Andrea said...

Hey there! I say don't get rid of those jeans because they don't fit just yet. Soon they will and you will be very glad that you kept them! A friend of mine gave me 3 pairs of jeans a week or so ago, sizes 11, 10, and 8R. Guess what! I did NOT think that they would fit at all and to m y amazement they did! Of course, I can't yet zip up the size 8's but soon I will! I plan to move pass Size 8's though and on to 6's!!! My ultimate goal!
So keep the jeans! You'll be glad you did later! :)

wildfluffysheep said...

Wish I had a solid work ethic!

But the pants will surely work as more encouragement? I might actively seek out something like that to inspire me!

Ripx180 said...

it is crazy how much the jeans manufacturers vary... I can wear a 34 in the lucky brand but a 36 is more my speed in some other makes. You will have them on in no time. Keep that work ethic strong.

Ron said...

You will be in those jeans very soon!! Keep at it!

Natalie said...

Keep up the great work! Some brands sizing is quite screwy, put keep them as motivation till later! Thats what I do, i always buy jeans in pairs. one for the size I am now and a smaller size too!

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