Thursday, February 05, 2009

Still moving in a positive direction

Another day passed, another pound lost. This morning finds me at 268.0, and 67 pounds gone. What a wonderful feeling! I'll be at 70 pounds gone by sometime next week at this rate. I've lost a full pound or more these past couple days - I realize that earlier this week it was water retention, but Saturday I'd weighed in at 270.5 before I did any damage, so being down 2.5 pounds from that weigh-in this week is pretty sweet.

I'm still working on going to taekwondo again, though I had stuff going on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings this week, so I couldn't make it. Tuesday/Thursday is sport tkd training, and sparring. I'm nowhere near ready for that, both physically in my quickness and my cardio shape, and physically in that my chest protector doesn't actually fit me at the moment. Oh the shame... ;) Soon enough though!

I also want to give a shout out to all the commenters who've been helping me roll along on this blog. I didn't start this thing with the intention of gaining a following, it was moreso a way of me to just journal my thoughts in dealing with some of the things that had gotten in the way of me being me. Somewhere along the way you guys and gals have hopped on board and give me support, and I appreciate it.



TJ said...

Keep up the good work! I originally started a blog to share recipes that I like ( I am also on a weight loss journey) and it turned into more of a journal for me and I love the support that it has given to me as well.


wildfluffysheep said...

I have just started my own weight loss blog and have been looking for those in a similar position :D It's great to see you steadily reaching your target. The thing that most made me want to stop and comment was that you said you stopped caring but now do. I was like that. And this is my year to care.

Just wanted to say that
and goodluck

Stages of Change said...

Great job on the WL success man. Love that kind of progress.

Thanks for the support and here's to another great day for us both.

Be well.

Rebecca said...

The pounds are literally melt off of you! Really great job. I am excited for you.

Ripx180 said...

your a fat wreaking ball!!! keep blasting through the pounds. I am totally digging the vibe your putting off too ;)

Natalie said...

67 pounds lost! That like a middle school child or an olsen twin! Amazing! You rock!

TJ said...

Congrats on the loss! You'll be back to sparring real soon if you keep this up.

Good luck!

Carlos said...

awesome attitude

Ron said...

Congrats on the loss, sounds like your doing great!

Hanlie said...

Well done on the loss! It's nice to have support, isn't it?

Fat4Now said...

Excellent work so far
keep it up :)

Sabs said...

Wow, your progress is simply amazing.

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