Monday, September 21, 2009


For this weekend, I didn't go over board with the eating. Oh sure, The Gal™ and I did have a few beers and some pizza during the football game yesterday, and Friday we'd gone out for some Italian, but I don't feel like at any point I *overate*, which is important.

Yesterday The Gal™ and I hit an apple orchard to pick apples. Never having gone, I didn't know what exactly to expect. Seems pretty straightforward - farmer drives you out to where the apples grow, you pick 'em, the end. But man... what a glorious day it was! Beautiful out. I loved walking around, enjoying the fresh country air.

Afterward she and I went to the Big Box Store to look over some new computers. My laptop shit the bed Saturday night and that was pretty much that. It's been overheating for awhile now, but it's still a pain in the ass. So... no computer from home for awhile I guess.

After that we went to her parents' place. They were knocking out some yardwork in the back, so we pitched in. I ended up pruning a couple trees - clipping and sawing branches. After... hmm. I have no idea how long I was doing it. Forty minutes? 60? 90? No clue. Bottom line, I worked up a *huge* sweat. Ended up having to take a shower. After that, I was given some of her father's clothes. He's a super-sweet man, but he's also sizable. Kind of sucks to think that I can wear his stuff with little problem. Then I saw that there was a pic of me and The Gal™ sent to me this morning from a friend of ours who'd joined us at the orchard. Damn. This kid still has *lots* of work to do.



*fitcetera* said...

I love how you've trademarked The Gal™.

It's sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

You may still have lots of work to do but you HAVE come a looooong way ... in all aspects of your life ... including the The Gal™.

I'm VERY happy for you, Roder! :D

antgirl said...

I will echo, Karen, and add that you should look at what's better and concentrate on that. That's what will keep you going. :)

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