Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Secret

I've been derelict in updating my blog, so I'd like to acknowledge that fact before posting - blogging (much like just keeping a journal) is decent therapy for me and I've been neglecting that.

I read the book The Secret awhile back. It's basic premise (the Secret, if you will), is that whatever we think about will expand from thought into action. If you want to reduce your debt and save, start by thinking about it all the time. Not thinking about the consequenses, but rather just how you're going to save and reduce debt. Pretty soon you'll find that the thoughts affect your actions - you'll be standing at Target and will see a copy of Guitar Hero World Tour PLUS two wireless guitar controllers for only $20, and you'll STILL walk away, because buying that is taking you further away from the debt reduction/saving you've been focused on.

Point being, when I started this new lifestyle, it was all I thought about. I'd start my day with a visit to the gym. I'd come home, weigh in, blog about how I was doing, read other blogs, then go to work. I'd think about what I ate everytime I ate something. I'd read more blogs over lunch, or go researching some alternative lifting exercises. I'd go home and think about how much water I'd drank that day. I'd read more blogs...

For the past six or so months, I haven't been nearly as focused on that. I've thought about it some, but it hasn't been the dominate thought. As such, weight loss has contracted in my mind/life while other facets of life have expanded. As of yesterday however, that will no longer be the case.

This past weekend my eating was atrocious, to the point of embarrassment for myself. How did I come to this point of not refusing the pizza and Chipotle and cookies and burgers and beer and... you get the point. I've always allowed myself some "bad" food, though in moderation. Now however, it seems to have wormed its way back into my life. My cupboard has Oreos. It's got Sun Chips and Tostitos. It's got dipping cheese/sauce. Who the hell have I become? I'm drinking lots of diet sodas and not purely water. What the shit is going on?

So once again, it's time. Time to focus. Time to remember The Secret.



TJ said...

congrats on realizing what you need to focus on. :)

Stages of Change said...

Listen to Eye of The Tiger, and The Final Countdown, watch Bloodsport.

I love it though really, get it into gear. Glad to see you focused. You can do it!

TjRenee said...

It's never too late to jump back on board. Here. See. I've saved you a place.

Now get with it already! ;)

EatRunLitigate said...

I saw the movie The Secret about a year ago and was motivated by it. Unfortunately, I didn't take any of that motivation forward, but now you've remotivated me to do just that. I'm in the same position as you with weight loss. I have been keeping up on my fitness level but have been completely stagnant on weight loss for the last 6 months. I have about 20-30 more pounds to go and I think you just wrote the post to make it happen. Thank you and good luck!

Chai Latté said...

Hey, your blog is awesome, and your progress is astounding! I'm happy to be following you!

Hope you don't mind that I quoted you in my most recent blog, let me know if it's not cool, I'd be happy to take it down.

*fitcetera* said...

Throw the crap out, Roder.
really though ... I mean it.

jo said...

I have not read The Secret, but have always wanted to. I guess I've always known that like attracts like, and that my thoughts can clearly affect what goes on in my life. Some people tell me I'm obsessed about my weight, the program, getting fit...and to that I say GREAT, I'm worth it. They see it as a negative.

When I do not read blogs or when I do but don't take the time to comment, it affects me. The giving is as great as the receiving for me. I'm trying very hard to squeeze more commenting back in.

I think we all go through ups and downs on our journey. You are fortunate in that you caught yourself when you needed to. I'm happy for you. I'm anxious to follow you in your journey! =)

F. McButter Pants said...

Get back in the game, you can do this.

screwdestiny said...

Ooh, love The Secret.

So if you don't like what you're becoming again, then get rid of that crap! Throw out the Doritos, the Tostitos, the cheese dip. Tell yourself you're only gonna drink water because filling your body up with chemicals also known as diet soda is just plain bad. Be that person that you actually want to be.

Kelsana said...

Excellent post...been there recently after suffering from the swine flu. Coughing every time I try to exercise has put me off and it scared me how fast I lost ground... feeling for you and cheering you on.


My 3 Month Challenge said...

I need to THINK more about what I'm working towards too. Too much of the day I'm just kinda letting the time pass. Mental is just as important in this journey!
Gonna check out this book at amazon :)

antgirl said...

My blog has been kicked to the curb lately, too. But I'm trying to keep up with you all. :)

Summer said...

Very good thought. Good to see that your getting back to the basics. Me too!

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