Thursday, July 16, 2009


What's going on, my bunch of chubby chasers?

I was slothing around my apartment this morning, trying to put my bags together for work. Some mornings I'm just draggy like that, and today was one. In fact, I just realized that I totally forgot to weigh in. Which in hindsight is probably the right call as I had a totally delicious sandwich from this place called Great Harvest for yesterday's lunch. They're this bread joint that serves pretty much the best sandwiches ever (I assume that the others are good - I'm pretty much totally gay for their chicken panini whatever sandwich that I don't even bother with the others - I can't cheat on my main meal, it might get hurt feelings), but the thing is they're only open from 11-3 for lunch. Dicks. I don't normally get home until 6ish, so that sees me miss them on the daily. Probably I'd eat that fucker every night if I could. Thankfully yesterday I worked from home, which is code for I ate a chicken sandwich from Great Harvest. Apparently.

What else? Oh, you'll love this, because who *doesn't* love a workout update, right? God I'm so lame today. Whatever, it's my blog and I can be lame if I choose to be. Anyway, I was knocking out 45 minutes on the elliptical again. Now, two (three?) weeks ago, I was doing my 45 minutes at level 14, but after 20 minutes I dialed her down to 8. Then last week I did 30 minutes at 14, then the last 15 at 8. Today I kicked some elliptical ass and rocked all 45 minutes at 14 - go me. By the end I was getting a bit draggy on the thing, but then my Pandora station put on some solid metal, the tempo went up quickly and the next thing I know I'm standing ramrod (hot) straight, running to the beat. Didn't even hold onto the big ski-pole looking hand things (what?), nor the other handlebars that measure heart rate. Just hoofin' it. I *highly* recommend fast music on that turd of an exercise. Basically I can't imagine flushing my life away 45 minutes at a time while listening to LA|Fitness play deep cuts off Now That's What I Call Terrible Dance Music 36. Eff those guys, their shitty playlists and their constant commercial interruptions every 2 to 3 songs to tell me to put my kids in Playland or get a Personal Trainer. LA|Fitness? Enough with that shit. Even a rube getting a 20 minute workout is going to hear your entire collection of junk self-promotion.

Tonight I'm in training to be a volunteer for a church thing this weekend. Basically me and Jesus and a crapload of high school kids are going to be kicking it for the better part of my available hours until I'm able to do some laundry on Sunday night. They better not accuse me of being a pedophile or something like that - that's this bizarre fear of mine when around minors these days. I guess I've just read too many headlines of teachers getting busted boning their students. Not that I'll be boning any of them. Holy shit did this just go totally off the rails.

Anyway, just ate a chicken salad and some strawberries/blueberries/kiwi. I've housed some water already, and have another liter on deck. Now I'm off to read some other people's fatty-lifestyle ramblings as I think I've come to the end of mine.


*Fitcetera* said...

Do you have pics of you standing ramrod straight?

lol @ digressing off into pedo-territory ... gees, Roder ... relax. :)

I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

Nothin' like some thrash music to get the heart racing and the workout over with.

Enjoy the samich, and hang tough.

screwdestiny said...

Yeah, gym music really sucks. I don't know why they even bother playing it. Oh, and that's talent on the elliptical. I totally feel I'm going to fall off if I'm not holding on to something.

TjRenee said...

Like you, I can't listen to slow, stupid shit while on the elliptical. I've got my own playlist for riding Rico. It's got to be fast and loud!

When PJ was in high school and would have his guy friends over here, I would think the same pedo shit. Freaky.

Tricia said...

I can't even look at the word Ramrod without thinking of Super Troopers now.

Sucks that a teacher can't be cool with kids these days without arousing (wrong word?) suspicion. I guess they figure that teachers make so little money for all their hard work that they must be in it just for the kid-touching.

I think Great Harvest stays open until like 8 here. Sometimes I go in there for a free bread sample. I have no shame.

TC said...

Lol...just keep your hands off the teenage asses, and you'll be fine. :P As a teacher, I hate those stupid pricks and dumb bitches that get jiggy with their students. C'mon people grabs some ethics and lay off the underage heiny! It makes us ALL look bad! Just the very idea of "getting with" a student kicks off my gag reflex. **shiver**

Great job on that elliptical bastard! :) That machine sucks my will to live.

Ron said...

You are in a funky mood LOL!

Geoff said...

"Holy shit did this just go totally off the rails."

I actually laughed my ass off at that :)

antgirl said...

Some great hardcore metal keeps me awake on the way home from the observatory. Always makes me car dance. There was a rap song making me car dance today. We have this crazy radio station that plays Radiohead, Glasvegas, Johnny Cash and Ozzy Osborn. They play just about everything and anything. Thus, why I enjoy them I guess.

MizFit said...

for some reason (and Im married to a music FANATIC) I simply tune it all out.
its great (when the music, according to hubby, sucks) and its not (somedays I wish I were into music so it would MOTIVATE ME!!)


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