Friday, July 03, 2009

Close the book on another week

It's the start of a three-day weekend. I can't even begin to say how relieved I am that I can avoid the office - it's become a total madhouse, with constant demands and nobody knowing what's going on. Very frustrating place to be these days.

Luckily on the other side of things is my weight loss. Now that I've given it my full attention again, things are happening. While I dream of a day when I can just go to the gym, do some light cardio and lifting and come home, maintaining my losses while not having to think about it every day, I'm not there yet. So I lift, and I run, and I bike, and I do it all with total effort, as do I pay attention all day to my diet needs.

Last night was fun. I went to TKD, met a couple people, worked up a decent sweat, and had a good time. It turns out that one of the guys there knows some of the guys I used to train with back in the day, so we've instantly got things to talk about. Yay!

Beyond that, not too much to report. I've got to work on some volunteer project that I've been meeting to complete, so that will be the lion's share of my day today.

247.8 (oh hey, lookit at that...)


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I don't know why so many of us are either feast-or-famine when it comes to sensible lifestyle choices.

Glad to hear you've got your mojo back!

*Fitcetera* said...

Oh HEY! indeed!!!!
I did look at that! and I'm smiling from ear to ear for you.
:) <<<< like this only much bigger.

p.s. it was so nice to "see" you over at my place today. thank you!

TC said...

Hey Mister! Thanks for joining my blog. :) I hope this doesn't sound lame, but I had some time to kill while nursing my sick hubby, and I caught up on all your old posts. What a fantastic job you've done! Super inspiring. Can't wait to hear more. :)

screwdestiny said...

Yay for the 240's!

antgirl said...


Glad to hear you sounding cheerier to boot.

theantijared said...

Hey, been a while!

How have your workouts been? Need to change it up a little?

Lemme know!

Ron said...

Glad your back in the swing of things.

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Glad you are posting and commenting these days. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Summer said...


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