Friday, July 10, 2009

Done with this week

Wow am I beat... four miles on the elliptical yesterday, taekwondo last night, and then a tough day of lifting with a couple super-sets in there have kept my heart rate up - not that I'm complaining! I love the feeling I get after a workout, so yay to that.

Years ago I used to go to a taekwondo school, and on a good day I could do the splits - on a bad day I still wasn't too far off. Now? I can barely get my legs to go past 90° when I spread out. I suspect that the issues are a combo platter of 5ish years away from the sport, combined with tight muscles from lifting regularly without much in the way of stretching. Stretching is something I really need to work on - it keeps me limber and agile (as agile as a 250-pounder can be anyway), and I'd like to get some of that back. I don't know that I'll ever do the splits again, but it's definately a goal to reach for.

I think that last week's 247.8 may have been a bit premature - I think that it was a combo platter of 4 miles in the morning plus the first day of taekwondo in the evening and little to eat. Basically, I think that I'd dumped all my water weight as I never replenished after the tkd class. This morning I'm at 250.8, which seems much more realistic than the idea that I basically lost 10 pounds in a week. I'm still okay with the 250, but I'm also a tad worried. Normal weekends are difficult as it is for me as the routine is always a bit screwed up, but tonight I'm headed to a friend's for some barbeque, then tomorrow is my girlfriend's mom's 60th birthday party (more bbq, plus cake - ooh, delicious cake!), then on Sunday we're going to see some of her family's old friends/relatives, so even more chances for me to fuck myself. And since I do enough of that on my own, I don't need too many bonus opportunities!

BTW, closed-circuit to the cleaning guy at the St. Paul LA Fitness: clean the fucking showers please. Seriously; the shower curtain folds have that orange mildew thing that looks like some junior chef was dabbling marinara sauce on it. It's gross. And seeing as every time I'm at the gym you're only in the men's locker room, I think you're in the right place. Quit with the vacuuming, start with the ungrossing. Please.


TjRenee said...

Shit, I was never able to do full splits even at 100#!

Good luck with the food this weekend. Be sensible and please don't fuck yourself. That sounds like it could hurt. Heh.

Jennifer Brindley said...

I'm soooo there with you on the flexibility issue. If only I was as limber and bendy as I was in junior high. /sigh.

*Fitcetera* said...

Ewwww ... that shower experience sounds like ick. Did you say something out loud? I think you need to, eh?

I always forget the bendy stuff.
You're right it's important especially as you get older (ahem)

I think you know you're strong enough to at least take it easier than in the past with the weekend coming up. If it gets to be a food f*ckfest, just continue on doing the right things when it's over.
Better to try tempering things though in the moment. Just keep telling yourself how sh*tty you'll feel if you overdo it & do you really want to feel regretful afterwards. I think these weekends are a test. We have to learn how to handle these events and we'll get it right sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.
Have a great time!

antgirl said...

I've never been able to do splits either.

I find yoga & pilates helpful at flexibility. Yoga more. I have a 2 dvd set with 6 20 minute sets that have done wonders for my old ass. :)

laura said...

you have so much exercise variety, i'm jealous! but too scared to join an awesome class yet.

good luck with the get togethers... don't fuck yourself!

ew marinara... lovely comparison :)

Ron said...

Make those healthy choices this weekend!!!!

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