Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 4

Yesterday was going so well too. I'd had a shake for breakfast. A chicken salad wrap at lunch (and a cookie - suck it). Then on my way home, disaster. My rear tire literally shredded apart while I was doing 70mph on the highway. I got the car over and fished out the donut spare, installing it twice - did you know that you can put that SOB on backwards? Now you do, and as of last night, I learned it too.

Sitting along the highway, changing that tire twice, pouring sweat (getting those lugnuts really tight with my hands takes fucking effort kids) and covered in grease, I'd had it. I'm a long-distance commuter, and the days I go into the office I've got an 85 mile drive. I'd only gone 15 miles when the blowout occurred, and now it's already 7pm. I'm tired, hungry and pissed off. Not the best state of mind to make good decisions.

You know where this is going, right? Because I saw the blinking lights of a Subway, looking like an oasis in my time of need and I knew where it was going. 12" meatball, a pair of cookies and no workout when I got home at 8:15... I was over my plan by 590 calories and didn't go for my run or lift any weights. This morning I was up 2 pounds over yesterday. Of course I was. lol! Ah man...

I'm glad that I still recorded my calories and I'm glad I'm writing about it. Puts my actions into focus and not in denial. No workout planned for today, just drinking my water.


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The Writer said...

Hang in there brother. You can do this.

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