Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Day 2

I'm so glad I went to the gym last night. Not because I had a great workout - I didn't. I actually only lasted 20 minutes and changes on the elliptical. I make no excuses for not getting the regular 45 minutes knocked out, but clearly workouts at 11pm are not when I'm full of energy. But I'm glad I went, just to work on forming that habit. To not allow myself to slip.

Today I'm working on counting my calories. I'd like to get to 1600 calories a day, though rather than dive into it in one day, I'm going to step down slowly, over the course of a week. To achieve this, I'm going to pick up some meal replacement shakes. I'm also going to track calories daily.

For breakfast today, I went to Caribou Coffee (it's like Starbucks for those of you not in the midwest) where I used more of a gift-card that FutureInLaws gave me. One medium Mint Condition with skim milk and white chocolate and one apple fritter. Hitting the nutrition link on the site and plugging in the values of my breakfast, I see that I'm already at 1030. Yikes.

That means I'm going to have a 600-700 calorie lunch, then have a protein shake for dinner. Plan the work, then work the plan.

I'm feeling good right now. In control. It's nice.


Edit @ 8:35pm
Just got back from the gym, where I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, got 3.89 miles on lvl 13 and I feel solid. I stopped off at GNC prior to the run for supplies, and just had my final meal, a meal replacement shake.

I tracked all my calories for the day and came in at 2189. Imagine if I had my typical 1000+ calorie dinner! Jesus. Step one, track. Step two, look for places to eliminate: coffee/pastery in the morning. I'll need to swap that for some fruit and water, maybe a diet soda for caffeine until I ween myself off that (yeah right).

Anyway, short-term this is starting to come together.

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Ripx180 said...

Hey man good to see your gearing back up to make another run at it. Congrats on the marriage too!

Couple things.... 1600 calories is not enough for a near 300lbs man. Even if your in weight loss mode that's a pretty severe restriction. You are going to loose allot of muscle mass eating that low. The other thing which I am sure you already know that made me go hum is coffee and a big donut for breakfast (2/3 of your cal allowance for the day) is no way to fuel your body. Meal plan ahead and plan to win!

With that said I am not doing well either fitness/health wise so I need to follow my own advice. So not trying to call the kettle black.

Anyway man glad to see you back and want to see you do well and make the lifestyle change. Keep blogging and I will keep reading.

Take Care.

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