Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year's Hangover Holdover

One thing I clearly forgot in this weight-loss effort is what weekends and special days do to the program. (Speaking of programs, remember when that's what computers ran? When did they become apps? I blame Apple.) This past was a triple-doozy: New Year's Eve, full of a nice dinner and cocktails and homemade carmel corn, the fiancee's birthday on New Year's Day with a pizza dinner, cake and more cocktails, and the general weekend malaise, which included a trip to Chipotle for dinner last night.

I woke up bloated and hungry.

I'm working hard to repair the damage. I think it's time to formulate a goal to work towards. I've decided that what I'd like to do is drop between 10 and 15 pounds this January. Ideally I'll be out of the 280s and somewhere in the high to mid 270s. That's the short-term goal I'm aiming for, and I think that while the first key is solid weeks and the second key is consistent gym time, the third key will be strong weekends. It's something I've never been much good at, but now it's an actual impediment.



Coley said...

Hey, welcome back, kid! Congratulations on your engagement too - woohoo!! YOu've got this, you know how to do it - so I look forward to checking in with ya :)

honey_loop said...

My new years knocked me on my ass too. Mostly cause I couldn't move the next day.
I like your blog though.

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