Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still making it happen

Okay, so it's now Thursday of week one. I'm going very strong! I've completely cut out my sodas and it's been all water, all the time.

When I got home from Texas after Xmas, I stepped on the scale and saw 292.4 and if I hadn't just evacuated my bowels I would have shit my pants. So close to 300 again! Fucking misery.

Today I weighed in at 286.6, which while still extremely high is at least giving me some early positives regarding my drink and food choices, as well as a nice reward for 30 minutes at the gym both nights.

I'm getting married in the new year. The official date is October 1, which gives me 9 months to go to get down. I'd love to be 215 for the wedding. That's still a bit high for me, but it's also a totally obtainable goal. It'll be nice to honeymoon somewhere warm without worrying about my bathing suit.

My lowest weight before I sort of slid away from this was 247, so it's still lots and lots of work to get there, but I'm committed. Committed in a way that I haven't been in a long time. I feel it, and I'm excited to feel it again.


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Katie J said...

Having a wedding on the horizon should be a good motivator. I found that having a date to shoot for helped me in the past. I am glad you have the drive and incentive to make it happen :)

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