Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday, Frozen Tuesday

Last night when I finally got home (thanks snow, it took 2 hours to get home last night), I immediately hopped on the scale. I was excited to see how drinking water all day, having a small breakfast and a salad for lunch would be reflected on the scale, especially as I'd spiked back up to 290 yesterday morning. Well shit -- the scale read 291.6 when I stepped onto it. Frowny-face.

I continued to hit the gym (though I should admit that while I did go Sunday night, it was a poor effort) last night, and did some lifting (squats, rows, dumbell presses), then did 30 minutes on the elliptical, going up from lvl12 to lvl13.

This morning I'm down again. I need to continue to fall, then to maintain through the weekend if I'm to hit my goal of being in the 270s come February 1st.


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Geoff said...

You're doing well, don't get too distracted by the daily ups and downs. I use physicsdiet.com to track my weigh-ins over time, and it uses some pretty sophisticated math to figure out your average without individual fluctuations making a real dent. It's free, so what the hey, works well for me.

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