Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Morning all.

I've missed hitting the gym the last couple mornings. My body feels rundown, and I've been sleeping instead. I still hit Fight Club last night, which was great. I received a belt promotion and I'm slowly moving up - sweet.

This morning I was back at 250.4, so things are coming together there. It's my goal to be under 250 this week, so I'm on pace to make that happen. I just need to maintain my intelligent choices when it comes to good food, rest, working out.


TjRenee said...

Sounds like everything is humming along.

Keep it up and the scale will be your friend this week. Heh.

Ron said...

Sounds great! Keep at it!

jo said...

Great! I have been having difficulty with exercise lately, sigh. Maybe it's in the Minnesota air?

Congrats on your TKD accomplishments!

antgirl said...

You're sounding good. Excellent.

screwdestiny said...

Good choice on listening to your body. Great job on the belt promotion!

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