Thursday, May 07, 2009


What up my fatty peeps? I'm a bit low on hot topics at the moment here. Just doing the gym thing, working on the eating better thing (focusing on minimizing soda intake -- how'd that creep back into the daily diet?), and working on building up some positive momentum and building a better me.

By the way, today? Pretty much perfect outside. Wish I were free of responsibilities and could go out and play!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you there... I'm catching up on the kids' laundry, but it's hot, sunny, and the birds are singing. I SO want to go out for a bit of a walk or run... but maybe later today.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you got it all figured out today Roder! You are the only person I know who blogged about good weather today! It is raining everywhere! Except from where you are evidently!

TJ said...

I dont wanna make you jealous or anything (LOL) but I just got back from a nice walk along a beautiful creek side trail. The weather is SO nice today! :) Gotta love the California sunshine!


Fat[free]Me said...

I suppose the truth of the matter is that this weight loss business is rather hum-drum most of the time.

Still, at least you got good weather - it is wet here in Scotland (erm, like that is news, lol).

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