Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Merry we go 'round.

This morning I rose from bed at 6:00am. The alarm had gone off at 5:45, but I snoozed my way to six in Samsung-approved five minute increments. My wife had already gone downstairs thirty minutes prior, feeding the baby so he wouldn't starve at daycare, and the toddler moaned his displeasure at the early morning through the baby monitor located 30 inches from my face.

Oh goody.

I'm in bad shape. Phsyically. Emotionally. Mentally.

I look at this blog and see my last post was 11 months ago. My weight then matches my weight now. Another year, wasted.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in forever. My wife insisted. I complied. I'm glad she did. It sucked, and I never want to get up this early again, and yet I am secretly looking forward to going again on Friday.

I just did the eliptical on a low setting for 20 minutes. But I got up, I made it to the gym, and I moved my body for the first time in a year. Rust is getting shook.


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Doug said...

Good job making it! Will you go this week as well?

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