Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The more things don't change, the more they stay the same

Today I have engagement photos with the gal. I've known it was coming for some time, and lost no weight for it. In fact, I feel like sometimes I was eating out of spite for these pictures.

Last night I went to get an outfit for the photo session. I had to go to a Big and Tall shop. They never put their shit on sale, so I payed through the nose for an outfit I don't even like that much. Being fat is so limiting.

The gal has been on Weight Watchers for the past month and change. Apparently she'd gone to a dress fitting and things were tight. In the time she's been on the program, she's lost like 14 pounds. Amazing. So this morning I signed up for WW myself. I'm eager to go with her. To have an accountability partner. I work best with a buddy, so I'm thrilled she's going to come with me. Or more likely, she's probably thrilled I'm going to go with her.

299.9 (fuck me!)


Ripx180 said...

That's the best person to have in your corner. The couple that plays together stays together. I got a good feeling about this time for you. FYI I hate getting new outfits too, nothing looks good on this fat guy.

Katie J ♥ said...

Oh man that just sucks about the shopping. I agree with Rip, having your gal be your WL is a good thing. You can encourage each other and work out together too :)

SweatyGirl said...

I think this will be awesome for you! Having someone to do it with (keep your mind out of the gutter!) is really helpful... especially someone as close as she is to you.

I think your pictures will be great! Worth the cost of the overpriced tent you had to buy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great job signing up. My hubby is almost the exact same weight as you ar now and just rejoined with me. He lost 80lbs on it a couple years ago, and kept 60 of it off, now we are working together to lose the rest. Good luck to you both. I know how much is sucks to buy clothes that are expensive because they're big, and to buy them and not even care for them, just so you can have something to wear!

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