Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Mr. Glass

I am sick. This is the 2nd straight Monday. If you're doing the math, that's 8 straight days. Eight straight fucking days for one fucking cold.

I hate being sick. It's a miserable experience, and I am just weak and suceptible when it comes around. A cold that a normal person will shake off in two days will stick with me for two weeks.

Anyway, I didn't work out once last week.



jo said...

Feel better soon. It sucks to be sick. I used to get sick all the time and it would develop into sinus infections. Now I carry around hand sanitizer like a crazy woman, and I'm the nut who washes down the grocery cart handle at the store. I do get lucks, but I've been lucky!

Doug said...

Feeling any better yet?

Will Phillips (is Becoming) said...

Heya Roder,

Been a long-ass time since I've blogged about my health and am going back through my RSS list to check in with everyone from the old crew of bloggers I used to connect with.

See you're out of practice, too, heh. Hope you're keeping kickin ass and can get back to blogging as well (hard thing to do, ain't it?).

I've completely changed my blog from 4xlt and now it's called Will Phillips is Becoming. You can find it at

If you get back to blogging, I hope you come check it out.

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