Thursday, November 12, 2009

Positive changes bring positive changes

Oh my...

So yesterday morning I had done my elliptical for 45 minutes. I ran intervals and had bumped up my level from 15 to 16. I forgot to mention that during the last few minutes of the run I developed a stitch in my side.

Last night I then went to my taekwondo class. With 30 minutes of class left, our instructor had us strap on the sparring gear and began pairing fighters. I ended up having five separate fights - it was an awesome experience, and it's very fun for me to see the blooming confidence I'm getting each time I step in against someone. However, by the fifth fight I was hurting. Instead of bouncing on the balls of my feel, I'd become flat-footed and stationary. And again, the stitch in my side came roaring back. Ugh... not my best sparring match, that's for certain.

Anyway, I got home, took a shower and just felt my body compressing and tightening after the adrenaline had worn off. I started shuffling around a bit. This morning when the alarm went off... oi. My body was so sore. So ragged. So... aged. Not a great feeling. I ended up texting Dan the Workout Partner, letting him know that I'd be missing my scheduled weight-lifting session this morning. I literally couldn't get out of bed, and I'd even taken some Advil prior to laying down.

It's my hope that through the interval training I'm now doing, I'm going to increase my ability to last through these sparring matches. And symbiotically, I'm hoping that these sparring matches will help me to get through the intervals as I'm constantly under that go/stop/go pressure. But right now? Right now I'm just feeling the growing pains of where I'm at.

One other thing... late last week when I went to my blog, I saw something new. The progress meter above the top post wasn't displaying my weight loss any longer. It had switched to an error message, stating that I hadn't logged in for 80 days. Eighty days... I haven't lost a tenth of a pound in 80 days? Holy shit. Think about that. What a commentary on the treading of water I've been doing for the last three months. How very pathetic for a guy who has still consistently gone to the gym to not have shown any progress.

I've tried to look at it from other angles... In those 80 days, my body has reconfigured itself some. I'm now officially wearing XL shirts, out of the XXL. Two weeks ago when The Gal and I were at a mall, I'd gone in thinking I was only going to get one new pair of shoes that were on sale. However, as we went into different stores, I kept trying on shirts. Every time I put on a XL, it fit. Standing in the dressing room, turning and looking at myself, I was a bit overcome; I simply just started buying these new shirts! And honestly, I don't feel guilty about overspending a bit. The feeling that gave me was tremendous. Hard to describe actually, except to say that it was just an awesome gift I received, and one I'd apparently given to myself.

Point being though, the progress bar's error message reminded me that I hadn't weighed in at 247 since some time in July. This past week I made a change and dumped the morning breakfast muffin. By dumping the carbs early, I find that I'm no longer craving more later in the form of cookies from the cafeteria or grabbing a danish when I get my lunch salad. The constant *need* had just disappeared. I still get a latte on the drive into work after the gym, but I still feel satisfied and I'm no longer going crazy. It's a welcome and wonderful change to NOT have food on the brain.

Anyway, just wanted to point out some of the things I'm working on over here.

ps, I weighed in this morning.



Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's an awesome thing, Andrew, dropping into the XL range. I know that opens up a whole new world as XXL can sometimes be limiting in choices (though I've noticed now that it's becoming pretty standard everywhere; a commentary on obesity in America?).

I wish I could come up with something else for you to try to get the scale moving, but it sounds like you're pushing yourself pretty hard. At the end of the day, it's about health and fitness, not a number on a scale, so I guess I'd advise you not to worry too much about it. Just keep your focus and try to cut as much junk out of your diet as possible. And keep up the great work.

bbubblyb said...

Way to go fitting into XL. One of my goals had been to not wear clothing that ended in X and I finally got in a L recently so I do know how good of a feeling it is to fit into smaller clothes.

I'm a sweet person in the morning too that's why I started making my protein bars. It's almost like having a piece of cake but sin free and it keeps me full for a long time and doesn't make me crave more sweets. Maybe give them a try sometime.

I say give yourself a huge pat on the back for maintaining all this time that is a huge accomplishment. The scale will start moving for you again just keep moving forward.

screwdestiny said...

Way to go on the smaller shirt size. And I've heard that from a lot of people: that not having carbs in the morning helps them not crave them throughout the day, so hopefully that keeps working out for you.

TC said...

Wow, excellent NSV! You can be Mr. GQ now fo sho! What a great realization to make about your breakfast choice! Carbs beget carbs, it seems! I avoid baked goods at all costs for that reason.

Keep it up, mister! :)

Weight loss for Females said...

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Tricia said...

Congrats on the smaller shirt size!

Ron said...

New shirt size.... great NSV!!! Congrats, sound like your getting in some great exercise!

Kristen said...

That is really great on the XL's! I'll take body reconfiguration over weight loss any day; however, tweaking your diet will certainly give you the weight loss results that you're looking for. Good luck!

"The Captain" said...

Great job!!!

Nicole said...

Hey Roder...found your blog while searching for weight loss blogs like my own. I can relate to so many different things you've posted as I know many others can as well.

Congrats on the XL! That is a GREAT feeling! :)

Looking forward to following your journey!

Stephanie said...

That is an awesome shift, and you are seriously committed to your workouts too. I, too, find that avoiding carbs in the morning reduces my cravings for the rest of the day...and on the flip side, if I start off the day by eating a grain, that's what I want at every other meal!
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Twice the Man said...

way to go getting solidly into the 240s!

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